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United States donates school supplies to Bobangui schools

and Mongoussa

More than 1,000 students will benefit from this humanitarian aid project worth $24,000 thanks to

at the Office of Security Cooperation of the United States Embassy.

The Bobangui and Mongoussa schools were selected in close collaboration with

the Ministry of National Education.


Jean-Luc Tété, CEO of the company Horus Impact and president of the Kamolélou association, the branch

non-profit of the Society of Sustainable Agricultural Industries (SIAD) in Central Africa,

helped facilitate the donation thanks to its ongoing relationships with schools

of Bobangui and Mongoussa.

The Central African Republic and the SIAD welcome the consensus reached on the necessary exit from fossil fuels. This crucial breakthrough paves the way towards carbon neutrality by 2050, thus respecting the objective of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, as set by the Paris Agreement.

Faced with the acceleration of climate change and the growing damage inflicted on the most vulnerable countries, such as the Central African Republic, a strong and determined response from the international community is required.

In this context, SIAD is resolutely committed to the implementation of sustainable agriculture.

Despite the vulnerability of the Central African Republic due to its poverty, the country has wealth that we are committed to protecting and developing thanks to our teams on site.

Official launch ceremony of the Agroforestry project

Agro-forestry practice and
regenerative agriculture practice

Visit by French Ambassador Bruno Foucher to the BoBangui regenerative agriculture and agroforestry site

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