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Inauguration of Another HORUS Impact Supported School in PISA

On Monday, April 19, 2021, in the village of Moungoussa, in the Central African Republic, another school was inaugurated with direct support from resources generated by HORUS Impact projects. This school is one of three schools that Horus Impact has under its wings as of Q1 2021. The Regional Education Authority was working on reopening the school for two years, and HORUS Impact involvement in the project allowed the grand opening to be fast tracked.

In his inaugural speech, the School Board Inspector delivered an inspiring speech about the importance of education for development. “There is no greater gift than a school,” he said, making the pupils promise they will diligently attend the school from now on. In response, a young girl in attendance expressed her gratitude "school is knowledge and knowledge brings wellbeing".

This wonderful school initiative is now providing education to many children. Before now, the nearest school to the area meant a more than 18 kilometer trek on foot for these young students.

Through our project the rundown building was rehabilitated, furniture used for classroom activities repaired allowing the school to begin operations once again. Three committed teachers were recruited and are now being paid by the project, and the school has been fully operational since the inauguration on the 19th of April.

The school runs three classes of about 50 pupils each, primarily very young children, and student numbers are growing as time goes by.


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