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Appropriate Technology Solutions to Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

The local population is at ongoing risk of water-borne diseases such as cholera, and currently access to safe drinking water remains out of reach to many people. Children are particularly vulnerable to diseases related to bad water and inadequate sanitation conditions and reliable supply of safe drinking water is crucial to their survival and well-being, meanwhile many water supply points have been destroyed or have fallen into disrepair.

The local inhabitants that are able to do so are over-drilling, generally in urbanised areas, where the water table is a risk of contamination. This supply is not nearly sufficient nor is it a safe source of water for drinking. The only other option is to purchase expensive trucked water, which is cost-prohibitive for most families.

HORUS Impact is committed to ensuring that a truly effective and affordable solution be established in the region. Our team is working with world experts in safe and affordable drinking water appropriate technology that will be truly accessible for the local beneficiaries.

Sanitation training and solutions will also be delivered through this life saving aspect of HORUS Impact community outreach work.

Indicators of project impacts will include:

How much drinking water is available to households?


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