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About Us

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How We Delivery on Major Returns

Conventional agriculture depletes soil nutrients through plowing and intensive use of chemical inputs. Poor soil quality impacts fertility, the environment, and carbon sequestering, while impoverishing local populations as they become increasingly reliant on expensive external inputs.

HORUS Impact and its local subsidiary in CAR SIAD-CA (Société des Industries Agricoles Durable-Centrafrique) uses Regenerative Agriculture to deliver high yields, while minimizing inputs and regenerating the richness of the soil. We build self-reliance of local producers, while we increase community health and education.

Our mission

A profitable social impact project

Regenerative Agriculture guarantees high rates of profitability, which creates opportunities for self-sustaining social impact that delivers tangible community value while preserving the interests and integrity of the company. Our 20 Ha pilot project, initiated in CAR in 2019, has already demonstrated how our innovative practices preserve land and guarantee efficiency by replacing chemical inputs with the ecological service of fertile soil. Implemented in collaboration with the community in Moungoussa, dozens of jobs have already been created, and after just 2 years, the project was able to regularly allocate resources to education, health and local orphanages.


Our commitment

Production that is relevant to local needs

Our Team

Horus Impact is now launching production on more than 2000 Ha in the Pissa region, with plans to expand to more than 5000 Ha for three primary product types:

  1. Cereals, corn, soybeans, beans to fulfill local consumption demand in CAR

  2. Traditional roots, such as cassava, which are processed into flour that is in high demand for local, national and sub-regions

  3. Extremely high added value products, such as perfume essences for export to world markets.

Our expertise

Our leadership team of world-class experts ensure highly professional execution.


Jean-luc Tete, Founder

French-Central African with 25 years of industrial and high tech leadership experience, employing 12,000 people, creating thousands of jobs, with turnover of €450m to €800m. Jean-Luc holds an Engineering diploma from Stanford University, and together with trusted associates Jean-Luc founded Horus Impact, a champion of innovative, sustainable agriculture for the African continent, with the 1st operating company in CAR SIAD-CA (Société des Industries Agricoles Durable-Centrafrique).


Longo-joseph Kouloumba


Tax manager for a large bank, auditor for leaders in the PWC sector.


Bruno-michel Alima


Highly experienced and well recognized entrepreneur both in CAR and in France. Bruno-michel has managed teams of +500 people achieving 30% operational profits.


Jean Normand


Founder and manager of companies with +€30m turnover.


Romuald Bilo

CAR Ops Director

Both trained & experienced in the US Embassy in Bangui as well as the US. Romuald has +20 years as an industry leader, with teams of +200 people. He is an expert in local relations.


Irène Tété

Administrative and Financial Director

Director of subsidiaries of a world leader in the industry.


Michel Dedenon

Agriculture Expert

Pioneer of sustainable agriculture in France and Africa. Has created and co-managed farms in Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Mali with 1000 dairy cows and 4000 ha of cereal production.

Our Partners



Multilateral Investment Guarantee by World Bank Country Risk Insurance Agency. Pre-contract obtained. See details below.

UNDP's mandate is to end poverty, stands for change and helps countries access the knowledge, experience and resources needed to help people build better lives. Partnership contract in hand


World Food Programme

Purchases cereals for displaced populations. Ongoing pre-supply agreement


International Finance Corporation

Private Investment Branch of the World Bank. Discussions initiated on senior debt financing



African Union Development Agency. Technical support and contact with host states



Manages local linkages and business solutions, agronomy studies. Has already delivered a 5,000 ha grain project in Angola.

Country Risk Coverage by MIGA
Click here for more information on the extensive coverage provided by MIGA.

All of Horus Impact’s country risk is insured by MIGA, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, which is a member of the World Bank Group with the mandate to promote cross-border investment in developing countries by providing guarantees to investors and lenders.


MIGA provides political risk insurance guarantees and credit enhancement to private sector investors and lenders. MIGA’s guarantees protect investments against non-commercial risks, and can help investors obtain access financing on improved terms and conditions.


Political risk insurance coverage products may be purchased individually, or in combination. Selection of desired coverage must be made before a guarantee is issued.

Political Risk Insurance

War, Terrorism, and Civil Disturbance: Protection against loss from, damage to, or disappearance of tangible assets caused by political acts of war or civil disturbance

Expropriation: Protection against losses arising from certain government actions that may reduce ownership of the insured investment

Breach of Contract: Protection against losses arising from government’s breach or repudiation of a contract with an investor

Currency Inconvertibility and Transfer Restriction:

Protection against losses arising from an inability to legally convert local currency into hard currency

Credit Enhancement

Non-Honoring of Financial Obligations: Protection against losses from a failure by a sovereign, subsovereign, or state-owned enterprise to make a payment when due.


Invest in our secure and impactful regenerative solution. Click here for more information on MIGA.

Interested in partnering or investing in our high value & high impact projects?

We look forward to working with you.

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