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Our Agroforestry Practices

Planting trees and shrubs with agroforestry

On our plots, we combine agroforestry with regenerative agriculture.

Agroforestry is described by the FAO as "a dynamic and ecologically sound natural resource management system that, through the integration of trees into farms and agricultural landscapes, diversifies and sustains production for increased social, economic and environmental benefits to land users at all levels".

The main objective of this agroforestry project is to support the regeneration of cultivated soils and promote the reforestation of ecological corridors.

Trees and shrubs are planted between cultivated plots, in 20-meter wide strips.

We focus on three species for productivity. Other non-productive trees and shrubs are associated to increase biodiversity. Thus the main species are: moringa, acacia and papaya.

We ensure a bare strip around the plots to prevent the spread of fire, the main enemy of our forests. In addition, all trees already present in the fields that are large enough are kept.


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