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Enhanced Education & Opportunities through Vocational Training

HORUS Impact will deliver practical, hands-on vocational training for youth from our stakeholder communities, providing them with the real-life opportunities and experiences they need to be active participants in the HORUS Impact business ecosystem, and beyond.

Training and internships for basic engineering, construction and other associated trade skills will be provided for learners through workcamps at our onsite training facilities, and within the outreach activities. This will include activities such as involving students in the construction of educational facilities etc.

Vocational training in various principles and practices associated with our Renewable Agriculture strategy will also be delivered in a hands-on learning format, and mentorship across more experienced farmers and local youth will drive the success of this program.

Learning activities related to the core principles and practices of Small Enterprise (SME) management will also be offered, building a cadre of young entrepreneurs that over time will be able to move into coordination roles across the various components of our business ecosystem including sales, logistics and distribution.

The resulting enterprises will supply the canteens of the schools that are being facilitated through HORUS Impact outreach activities.

Indicators of project impacts will include:

How many structures are set up?

How many youth are trained on the workcamps?

How many young people find a job after having passed through the training camp?


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