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Deployment of Effective Traditional Medicines

Across the Central African Republic, there are many traditional medical practices present. These practices coexist with modern, allopathic medicines. In the region, traditional medicine is well-recognized and encouraged through national policies. The delivery of services is organized through associations of traditional practitioners.

Unfortunately, to date, progress in spreading the benefits of these solutions is slow as the associated policies are not clearly defined, and there is a lack of resources to support the development of these networks of care.

HORUS Impact will help finance research on local traditional medicines to ensure that practices can be run in such a way that they cooperate better with "modern" medicine. To do this, a study of the active principles and benefits of traditional plants is needed, with clearly listed uses and practices so as to establish the posology.

This HORUS Impact project will be implemented based on the example provided by Artemisia annua, which has benefited from a spotlight with the Covid-19 crisis. Clinical trials have established a clear dosage to follow in case of illness.

Our funding will help finance clinical trials of other locally available natural substances as a viable means of fighting diseases. This project will be made possible through our collaboration with the University of Bangui. Part of the funds will also be used to make active ingredients more readily available.

Indicators of project impacts will include:

How many plants have a clinically analyzed dosage?

How many people are being treated/healed?


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