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Demonstrating Use of Renewable Energy in Our Farms

HORUS Impact is committed to ensuring positive environmental impacts. This is an essential aspect of the sustainable, regenerative models that we are establishing.

As part of this initiative we will use renewable, green energy for our farm operations, prioritizing production of biogas from biomass that we produce on site. This initiative has been inspired by the operating model well underway at the Songhai farm in Benin.

Animal wastes and plant surplus matter will be collected and converted into domestic gas with the help of "gasifiers" that optimize and harvest outputs of the methanation process. The materials are placed in digesters that accelerate the fermentation of organic matter, producing methane, a biogas with multiple uses.

Our site will also feature independent solar energy produced through photovoltaic panels, as the continent has a consistent supply of solar sunshine, the highest on the planet. This initiative is planned through a public-private partnership with the state. CAR is underway with plans to develop solar power plants and we are confident that our strategic partnerships will deliver effective strategies to get this initiative underway.

The inclusion of these renewable energy solutions on our site will not only provide a living showcase of best-practice for the region, they will also increase our project’s triple and quadruple bottom lines.

Indicators of project impacts will include:

How many hours of electricity is produced?


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