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Moringa the ‘Miracle Crop’

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a small shrub of the Moringaceae family whose leaves (often dried) and seeds (in the form of oil) are consumed.

Known for its extraordinary nutritional properties, containing multiple vitamins in high doses and antioxidant actions more powerful than the acai berry. For example, it is known to contain: seven times more vitamin C than oranges, twice as much vitamin A as carrots, five times more vitamin E than almonds, four times more calcium than milk, twice as much protein as quinoa, three times more iron than in kale or spinach.

In short, it is a superfood that is increasingly in demand, as much to fight against serious nutritional deficiencies in Africa as in natural medicine and as a food supplement in the West.

Moringa, native to India, is also called the "tree of life" and is well known in Ayurvedic medicine for the speed and effectiveness of its detoxifying action.

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Very well adapted to tropical climates, the moringa is widely implanted in Africa and enjoys the tropical latitudes of the Central African Republic. Our production methods will therefore require few inputs (fertilizers and insecticides). Moreover, it is possible to plant in association a legume in the soil such as cowpea (bean).

This growing market is completely compatible with the agronomic conditions of the land and thus becomes our flagship crop.

Our processing units (under construction) will allow, post-harvest, to dry the leaves, crush them and press the seeds for oil.

We plan to grow moringa in the field and in between plots (as part of the agroforestry design). We are sourcing locally produced seeds near Bangui.


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